Bridges Community Church

Sundays at the Regency AMC!


 Worship Starts at 10am

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9451 Regency Square Blvd Jacksonville, FL



Plan Your Visit!

We are excited to have you this weekend!

Let us know you are coming so we can

  • Have a space up front for you to park

  • Meet you at the door with a gift

  • Introduce you around

  • Give you a quick tour

  • Help get your kids checked in

  • Save a seat for you in the service

We start serving coffee and doughnuts at 9:30a.

Our worship experience starts at 10:00a.  

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Let us know how many kids are going to be joining us for Kids Ministry! Give their ages and special instructions below.


What to Expect

Expect people to remember you!

Visiting a new church can feel a little awkward, but people who come to our church for the first time are usually surprised at the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere that they receive. It doesn’t take long before new people begin to feel at home around here.

Expect your kids to be taken care of!

We take the spiritual and physical health of our kids very seriously.  You can be sure that they will be taken care of in a safe environment by trained and safe individuals.  One of our First Impressions team will meet you and show you where to check your kid in for church.  They will worship with us in the adult service and then they will be escorted by one of our security team members to the Kids Chapel.  There they will be secure, cared for, and taught something meaningful!

Expect something casual.

We do things a little differently at Bridges Community Church.  Come casual and enjoy some coffee and doughnuts as we meet around tables for worship!

Expect to be a part of the conversation.

No one wants to be preached at.  Here at Bridges Community Church, we point people to the Bible so that we can have honest, life changing, conversations about Jesus Christ.  We just want to love Him more!

Expect more than just songs.

Although we have a talented worship team, we understand that true worship is much more than singing songs.  Here at Bridges Community Church we work hard to create opportunities for every member of the family to engage in a  life of worship!

Expect to find a place in the mission.

We don’t just want to come to church.  We want to BE THE CHURCH!  The Bible gives us a pretty clear mission to love God and love others.  That is exactly what we are all about here!  We want you to find your place in that mission too!